Consul can issue a certificate concerning the circumstances known (beyond doubt) to him/her and usually the basis for such a certificate is an official document from the Estonian authorities.

Necessary documents to apply for a Consul’s certificate:
• application form signed or digitally signed
• when available the reference document in Estonian
• Estonian passport or ID-card; in case when applied via post or email copy of the document
• state fee 30 euros

Application forms:
• for the Consul’s certificate
• for the certificate of marital capacity, in case you want to get married in Spain

You can send the documents to the Embassy:
• By e-mail Embassy.Madrid@mfa.ee
• By mail to Calle Claudio Coello, 91 – 1° D, Madrid, 28006
• make an appointment online or by phone (+34) 914 26 16 71 and bring the documents personally to the Embassy. In the Embassy you can pay the state fee in cash or by a credit card.

An extract from the Criminal Records Database

You can apply directly at the Criminal Records Database. The extract will be issued in Estonian. Then you can ask from the Embassy to add the Consul’s certificate which will be issued in Spanish on the basis of the extract.