Personal Details Updates and Family Records Certificates

Personal Details Updates

All Estonian inhabitants have a duty to make sure that their residence data as listed in the Population Register are correct. Registration of residence means that the data on the person’s residence is entered into the Population Register. The person has to notify if he/she has moved to a new address within Estonia and also abroad.

In order to do so, please fill out the application form and send it digitally signed or scanned by e-mail to or by mail. It is also possible to update your address on the site in case you have a valid ID-card, pin-codes and an ID-card reader.

Did you give birth, got married or divorced in Spain?

If you gave birth, got married or divorced in Spain, you need to provide us this information. An original document (for example birth certificate) should be sent to the Embassy – Calle Claudio Coello, 91 – 1° D, Madrid, 28006). The original document will be returned to you after your data in the Estonian Population Register has been updated.