Ordering Documents

Ordering documents

Documents issued by Estonian authorities (for example birth and marriage CIEC certificates, name change certificates and archival documents) can be ordered through the Embassy.

The documents can be ordered by:
• e-mail – the signed and scanned or digitally signed application should be sent to the e-mail address [email protected], along with other necessary documents
• post – the signed application and other necessary documents should be sent to the address of the Embassy of Estonia in Madrid, Calle Claudio Coello, 91– 1° D, Madrid, 28006
 at the embassy in person – you must make an appointment for the consular reception in the online system. In the Embassy, you can pay the state fee in cash or by debit card.

The document will be sent to you by post (to your personal address in Spain) or you can collect it in person.


To order documents, the following must be submitted:

1. Filled out and signed or digitally signed application

2. One of the following application forms (depending on the document you wish to order):

3. A copy of the page with personal data of the Estonian passport or ID card (if you are applying in person, take the document with you)

4. A document that proves the payment of the state fee


When ordering a document, a state fee of a) 20 euros must be paid for the service and b) in addition, if necessary, a state fee for issuing the document (the amount depends on the document):

  • Additional 10 euros for a CIEC certificate (birth, marriage, death) (30 euros in total)
  • Additional 20 euros for a certificate in a standard multilingual form (Please specify with the relevant authority to whom the certificate is submitted whether such a certificate is suitable. Total cost is 40 euros)
  • There is no state fee required for the document proving the absence of citizenship (20 euros must be paid for ordering the document)
  • In the case of archival documents, the state fee varies, depending on the price list of the archives.


The state fee can be paid with a debit card or in cash at the Embassy, or by bank transfer to the the bank account of the Embassy.

Embajada de Estonia
Bank: BBVA
IBAN: ES16 0182 0950 8200 9011 8704

The order for payment has to include the name of the applicant and the title of the requested consular procedure.